How Educational Publishers should prepare for the European Accessibility Act?

Over 135 million people in the world are dysfunctional or disabled. The world is moving towards adapting means of transport or public utility facilities, but also materials that will allow these people to participate equally in the educational process.
From 2025, educational materials created in Europe (in accordance with the European Accessibility Act) will have to meet, inter alia, the requirements of the WCAG* (precisely their four main principles), thus enabling effective learning equal to all.

So how to prepare for these changes exactly?
Learnetic SA (Educational Publishing Services & Technologies Company) has written a free, comprehensive European Accessibility Act guide, which will allow publishers to learn not only about the rules in force since 2025, but also tips on what tools to use to easily create such content and examples of content that meets future requirements. 

We encourage you to read the material, as it is full of practical knowledge, based on the provisions of the directive and over 20 years of experience of Learnetic in building educational eContent. => More information

*Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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