INDOSAW Established in 1993 is a leading supplier for Science Education Labs, employing more than 300 Scientists, Engineers and Skilled Technicians. Indosaw complies with the ISO 9001: 2008 guidelines and has been certified by TUV South Asia Pvt. Ltd. The company is set up in 4 acres of land in Haryana state situated in North India.

Indosaw supply chain includes various OEMs Worldwide.

Indosaw prides itself on having one of the best R&D setups. It has facilities for CAD (Solid Edge, Unigraphics, and PRO-E), 3D Printing, Plastic Moulding Shops, Software Development, Microcontroller Based Products, Orcad, Precision Machine Shops, Electrical and Electronics Assembly Shops, Dust Free Paint Shops  and many other facilities.

Its manufacturing setup includes CNC Machines, CAM, Dust Free Paint Shop, Electrical and Electronics  Department & QC handled by an Experienced Teacher.

We have consultants from Germany & UK who are helping us in continuously upgrading our designs.   In Schools, Indosaw covers complete Science Lab Curriculum for Physics, Chemistry and Biology and for Colleges, it covers Physics Lab Equipment.

Some of its unique products include Compact Modern Ripple Tank, Timing Car (performs all experiments related to Air Track), Air Track, Timer, Signal Generators, Teslameter, Power Supplies- UL / CE and CSA approved, Ring Launcher, Computer based Experiments like B-H Curve, Franck Hertz Experiment etc.


  • Novel tool for comprehensive studies of motion related experiments both in Linear and Curved Track.
  • Two Cars (Master and Slave) for collision experiments with inbuilt rechargeable battery and electronics.
  • Live Data transfer in PC/Android Phone via Bluetooth Connectivity: Distance, Speed, Acceleration, Momentum and Kinetic Energy as a function of time.
  • Hastle-Free, Noise-Free and easy wireless device replacing the conventional air track and photogate timer.
  • Recording of very smooth time-distance data.
  • Free Dedicated Software with Data Analysis and several other tools.
  • Special Provision in software to easily demonstrate Conservation of Energy and Momentum in Collisions, Inclined Track and Curved Track experiments.
  • Visualisation of Kinetic and Potential energy and their inter-conversion in the graphical software interface.
  • Complete kit with all easily mountable accessories.
  • Experiment in Curved Track: an alternative method to determine ‘g‘, the acceleration due to gravity.

List of Experiments :

  •  Exp-1 Study of linear motion under low friction and plot of distance, velocity, momentum, energy (kinetic, potential and total energy) and acceleration as a function of time.
  • Exp-2 Study of Newton’s Second Law of Motion.
  • Exp-3 Study of linear motion in an inclined plane.
  • Exp-4 Study of damped harmonic oscillation in potential well.
  • Exp-5 Study of dependence of kinetic energy on mass and velocity.
  • Exp-6 Study of elastic collision: conservation of momentum and energy.
  • Exp-7 Study of inelastic collision: conservation of momentum.
  • Exp-8 Study of explosion : conservation of momentum.
  • Exp-9 Study of damped harmonic oscillation in horizontal track and determination of spring constant.
  • Exp-10 Study of crash test and comparison of different attenuators.
  • Exp-11 Demonstration of air balloon propelling vehicle.
  • Exp-12 Demonstration of air drag on the motion of vehicle.

What We Will Learn??

  • Motion In One Dimension: Straight and Curved Tracks.
  • Distance, Velocity & Acceleration.
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • Linear Momentum, Kinetic and Potential Energy.
  • Force and Friction.
  • Damped harmonic oscillation.
  • Conservation of Momentum.
  • Conservation of Energy.
  • Conversion of Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy and Vice Versa.
  • Elastic and Inelastic Collision.
  • The concept of Horizontal and Inclined Motion.
  • The concept of Potential Well Track.
  • Spring constant.

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