International academic and practical conference

Date , 29 May – 3 June 2018

Place: Moscow, Russia

The Conference aims to engage a broad range of experts and professionals in a dialogue to discuss the significance of children’s game culture. It will re-consider the key issues in children’s games taking into account the specifics of the modern family, public and government institutions and the right to games guaranteed by the UN.

The Conference aim is to substantiate of the idea that toys and games are instruments of character building and development of the man of the future.

The Conference academic sections:
1. Philosophical and cultural contexts of children’s game culture
2. Games and toys as development factors
3. Conventional and innovative game technologies in children’s character building, learning and development.
4. Childhood game space
5. Health and activity;
6. Game and toy design;
7. Statutory regulation of children’s games market.

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