Kazdidac Association – Worlddidac Affiliate

The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Educational Equipment of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Kazdidac” was established on the April 9, 2014 and is a voluntary association of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities supplying and producing educational equipment for all levels of education. Kazdidac Association established an expert council and a training center Kazdidac.

Kazdidac Association takes an active part in discussing plans and problems of material and technical support of educational organizations. It cooperates with republican state bodies, regional administrations and educational departments, provides the necessary advisory support, organizes various educational events, coordinates the educational equipment market in Kazakhstan, promotes new technologies in education, makes monitoring of suppliers of educational equipment and supports its members.

Kazdidac Association is constantly working on the extension of international and national cooperation. Joint activity with the Association allows educational organizations to receive qualified consultation and information support on advanced supplying methods.

Since 2015, Kazdidac Association has been a partner of the RoboLand International Festival of Robotics, Programming and Innovative Technologies.

The Kazdidac Training Center provides ongoing training courses for teachers from all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The courses combine the latest technologies, proprietary programs and methodologies and the best trainers of the international level. Education takes place in the following areas: preschool, primary and secondary education.

Since 2018, with the assistance of members of the Kazdidac Association, training courses have been regularly held on such topics as: “Development of robotic design and programming skills in preschool educational institutions”, “Programming, robotics, 3D technology and automation based on advanced products in the robotics classroom and IT- class”, “Data logging for the science classroom using Vernier sensors and dataloggers”, Arduino. Internet of things. Advanced Course”.

The course “Data collection for a scientific laboratory using sensors and recording devices Vernier” for teachers of chemistry, physics and biology was held in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, with the participation of a member of the Worlddidac and Kazdidac Associations – Managing Director of Vernier International Inc Gerard Ezcurra.

The Kazdidac Association has an Expert Council, which is a regular expert and advisory body providing activities for the development of recommendations, preparation of expert opinions and advisory assistance to educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of public procurement, educational equipment supply and other issues within the competence of the Kazdidac Association.

Purposes of the Expert Council are to increase the efficiency of the use of budget funds in the procurement of educational equipment, prevent the fact of disruption of equipment supplies under contracts in the organizations of education, support the Association member companies, improve the quality of the development of technical tasks in preparation for public procurements, improve the system of supply of technical equipment in educational organizations of Kazakhstan, support plans and programs of state bodies for the introduction of new technologies in the educational environment.

The Kazdidac Association includes companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, the UK and the USA.

Kazdidac Association offers you solutions, training, tools and support necessary to ensure the loyalty of your customers and allow your company to stand out among its competitors.

The Kazdidac Association is a mechanism that works primarily for you to ensure the implementation of your professional interests and solve corporate problems.