K&H is a professional solution provider of turnkey projects in technical education and vocational training. We have been dedicated to constructing a technical education and vocational training that integrates local contexts. Our solutions consist of user-friendly training systems, including step-by-step learning manuals with hands-on practice of experiments.


Innovative STEAM educational facilities play a key role to improve education for students. Here we would like to introduce four critical solutions which are the ideal tools for the STEAM approach, including the Digital-Analog Training System (ETS-3000), the Advanced Digital Training System (ETS-9000), the Innovative IoT Experiment Platform (IOT-100), and the Tutor for Arduino (MTS-100).


The Digital-Analog Training System (ETS-3000) and the Advanced Digital Training System (ETS-9000) offer users a refined development platform. The systems are equipped with various Input/Output interfaces, such as power supplies, signal generators, universal counters, digital meters and analogue meters. In order to increase system flexibility to cater to diverse applications created by users, the systems are equipped with a USB interface for three different expansion boards (Arduino compatible Nano, FPGA, and MCU). With the expansion board, users can flexibly design their desired functions, such as displaying, sensing and communication.


The Innovative IoT Experiment Platform (IOT-100) is a module-based solution that introduces the concept of the Internet of Things (IOT) based on the perception, network and application layers (the IOT 3-layer architecture). It is constructed by a variety of communication node boards, sensor modules, a wireless integrated gateway, and open-source applications. From the four wireless protocols (ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, and EnOcean) available in the system, users can choose one or more protocols to investigate their feasibility and usability in data transmission. Our solution integrates the IPv6 experiments, which allows users to construct and simulate both Intranet and Internet environment via the IPv6 router devices to achieve the wireless information transmission in IoT.


The Tutor for Arduino (MTS-100) provides an experiment environment to explore how to write codes and make physical connections to achieve the control of a variety of I/Os. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on a user-friendly interface between hardware and software. Beginning learners for Arduino commonly encounter problems such as version incompatibility between components and Arduino I/O boards as well as the disorganized or incorrect Arduino programming obtained from the web. Our solution is not just a collection of components but a beginner-friendly learning platform with unitized and systematic experiment content.


As one of the leading suppliers of technical education and vocational training, we aim at continuously transferring latest skills & knowledge into high-quality education environment across all fields to bridge the academy and industry.

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