Launch of Nisai Global School aims to bring the best of British Education in Southeast Asia

In line with the launch of Nisai Global School in Indochina, Nisai Group is pleased to announce its launch in Southeast Asia, with countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Bangladesh. Following the successful Nisai Global School launch in Vietnam, the ecision to introduce NGS in Southeast Asia is a progressive step in Nisai’s global strategy continuing their quest to deliver quality education to students worldwide.

In March 2020, UNESCO reported that over 1.37 billion students
worldwide were impacted by school closure and learning at home.

What is the Nisai Global School?

Nisai Global School is the first fully interactive online British school that delivers quality assured education for pupils aged 11-25, regardless of their location. NGS offers a complete secondary education online, alongside future skills required in the competitive 21st century. We provide everything that you would expect to find in a traditional school from subject lessons, homework and assignments; to houses, clubs and even end of term reports for academic courses.

Dhruv Patel, CEO of The Nisai Group, said:
“Nisai is excited to expand its international offering in Singapore. In line with our #Nisai2030 vision, we believe education is the key to achieving the wider Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Through the use of technology and 21st century pedagogy, we inspire our students to become confident, lifelong learners.”

Meanwhile, Gerry Khoo, Regional Director of SIM region, commented: “I
am truly delighted to be able to launch Nisai Global School in the region. The
future is online learning and we are introducing a quality British online education right here. Through Nisai you will get to experience the best of UK
education and qualification from the comfort of your home.”

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About Nisai

We believe that everyone has equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world. It is our mission to give traditional and non-traditional learners the skills to flourish through innovative education and by influencing positive institutional change. We provide an inclusive, social and student-focused environment that welcomes learners of all backgrounds.

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