May 19th, De Lorenzo is turning 70!

Established in 1951, De Lorenzo has continuously maintained focus and attention on manufacturing high quality didactic equipment and providing professional services.

Since our foundation, our mission has been to provide students around the world with the best and most advanced teaching technology to train professionals capable of facing the technological challenges of this new world.

De Lorenzo S.p.A offers a wide range of training equipment geared to convert theoretical knowledge into practical experience, greatly facilitating the task of teachers, and allowing the students or learners to acquire relevant technical and hands-on skills. All the equipment is Made in Italy, directly designed and manufactured in Rozzano, in the province of Milan, Italy.

The company’s international experience in over 140 countries, of working directly with different universities, technical and vocational training institutions, makes it the perfect partner for all engineering, technical and professional training solutions.

Nowadays, the Prosperi Family, Luciano and his sons, Matteo and Filippo, continue extending the path of the company, designing and manufacturing high-quality didactic systems for technical and vocational training institutions and Universities worldwide.

Thanks to all our clients, collaborators, and distributors for being part of our company’s success over the years and continue contributing to technical education around the world.

Matteo Prosperri (left), Luciano Prosperri (middle), Filippo Prosperi (right)

Article Submitted BY:

Valeria Rossi