Meet new Affiliate from South Africa! is South Africa’s leading organisation that connects school suppliers and manufactures  to schools. SchoolAdvisor provides a platform for our members to list their businesses and product offerings with the aim of reaching schools. Schools use the platform to make better purchasing decisions by researching suppliers, getting quotes, keeping suppliers accountable and choosing a supplier according to which schools they service and what these schools say about them.

Peter Morgan, CEO of SchoolAdvisor commented: “Becoming an affiliate of Worlddidac is an incredible opportunity to connect our member companies to Worlddidac and international suppliers and manufactures that focus on the education space. At the same time, it also allows us to provide a South African platform to international manufacturers that are looking to launch or grow their reach in Southern African schools. offers a full suite of marketing tools to help education companies engage with schools and possible local distributors.”

Kateryna Schuetz, Director of Business Development of the Worlddidac Association said: “Worlddidac is thrilled to affiliate with and intensify the cooperation with South African suppliers and manufactures of educational equipment still further. This partnership will surely bring Worlddidac members many new business opportunities to develop thier business and find new partners in the region. We look forward to a long and successful partnership!

16.04.2018, ks