METAEDU leads the EdTech at Smart City 2022

The METAEDU Smart Education Expo is held at the 9th Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo 2022 from March 22nd to March 26th. While the offline expo has ended, the Smart Education Virtual Expo will continue to be displayed until the end of 2022. METAEDU has garnered more than 4239 attendees, along with more than 30 Taiwanese EdTech exhibitors and live broadcast courses and invited more than 10 Industry expert speakers during the course of 4 days. All of the participating EdTech companies and solutions are showcased at the 2022 Taiwan EdTech E-Catalogue.

Virtual Expo

Below are a series of post event recaps and highlights of METAEDU’s past Summit, Expo and Forums from 2020 to 2022

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METAEDU focuses on learning technology and education industry development. With the support of the government and the policy implementations, METAEDU cooperates with the industry, the public sector, the academic sector, and research institutes, thus achieving an education industry development through different directions and provides professional innovative services and assistance, including industrial innovation, business model innovation, international cooperation, equal rights of learning, industrial expansion, etc The goal is to become an education innovation learning organization with future influential technology. We provide and host physical events and live broadcasts monthly to increase competence for educators and learners alike to acquire new knowledge in computational thinking, STEAM education, hands-on practices, and diversified EdTech hardware and software products.

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