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Numerous studies have shown that schools need to move on from the frontal, teacher-centred approach that is still so dominant in education. More and more, Italian schools are using teaching strategies that see students organised into groups (same-age ‘horizontal’ or mixed-age ‘vertical’ teams) in which the pupils themselves play an active role in the learning process. Moreover, models that make the learning environment more welcoming in terms of architecture, design and classroom layout are rapidly gaining ground.

At the core of this new concept lies the idea that children can learn effectively in settings where they are at ease and have a sense of freedom and control. In such ‘cooperative’ teaching, the Montessori method – based on independence, freedom to choose (within established limits) one’s subjects and respect for the
child’s natural physical, psychological and social development – has a key role to play. Another model is the Flipped method. The terms flipped school, flipped teaching and flipped classrooms refer to a ‘blended learning’ approach where teacher-pupil relationships are more relaxed and less hierarchical, thus reversing the traditional learning environment of frontal instruction, individual home study and classroom tests.

Our solutions, then, are the result of an innovative approach to classroom furnishing that aims to make the very most of these new teaching models. We have come to realise that a new concept of furniture needs to be flexible and adaptable to suit today’s requirements.

Article Submitted by:
Marco Canazza

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