Worlddidac Association is pleased to welcome its new Basic Member – EURODIDACTICA SRL

From height-adjustable furniture to interactive whiteboards, equipment for biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories (kits and sensors from the best manufacturers in Europe and the USA), educational software, the Eurodidactica offer covers all curricular disciplines with approved auxiliary teaching materials MEN. Upon request, they develop customized offers for the technologicalization of educational institutions at the best value for money.

Who they are?

In the landscape of the Romanian educational market, EURODIDACTICA SRL comes with a complex portfolio of products and services, which brings together the offer of the largest producers in Romania, European Union countries, China, India and Japan on:

  • Auxiliary teaching materials
  • Audio-video equipment
  • Interactive table
  • Furniture for study spaces, laboratories, libraries, offices, archiving spaces, performance halls, conference rooms
  • Models and three-dimensional models
  • Geographical globes
  • Equipment (kits) for laboratories
  • Drawings and maps for all study subjects
  • Geographic maps and three-dimensional maps
  • Educational software