New Nordic Schools launches AI-powered learning platform – looking for educators to try out Beta

Espoo, Finland – January 18th, 2022

The pandemic has led technology-based educational models such as hybrid learning (part face-to-face, part online) to become the natural next step in the evolution of education. Finland’s New Nordic Schools has developed an all-in-one, simple to use solution that integrates everything needed for personalized face-to-face and online learning. Introducing Nordic Learning Platform Beta.

Nordic Learning Platform Beta has been designed to take into account the interests, skills, and abilities of students as well as the goals of the teacher. By using this data, it aims to map out a learning path that best suits both these needs for each student. So, whether the students are at home learning online or in class face-to-face with the teacher, the platform offers a learning experience that is dynamically optimized to suit them.

Director of Digital Learning, Christopher Petrie, shares: “One of the major issues with the edtech solutions available today is that they most often further complicate teachers’ lives while still reinforcing old way of ‘teaching to the middle’. We believe technology can support education far better, both by making a platform that is super easy to use and making hybrid learning much more effective through AI-powered personalization.”

Beta features of the platform include hybrid lesson and unit planning, resource library including premium Britannica content, assessment tool, and more. A teacher and Beta user from Sydney, Australia, shares; “With the Nordic Learning Platform, I have all the data and functionalities in one place, and I can actually plan my lessons and individual teaching based on data I can quickly analyze. Having the ability to add specific syllabus to meet the needs of location is a fantastic benefit as it makes the system truly global”.

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As a token of appreciation, New Nordic Schools is offering all test users that try out a lesson, complete a short survey, and record a short video testimonial a $25 Amazon voucher.

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