New Platinum Member – Rhein Köster GmbH, Germany

Worlddidac Association is delighted to welcome a new Platinum Member from Germany – Rhein Köster GmbH

Rhein Köster is established in the industry worldwide, with headquarters in Munich and a development and innovation centre in Iserlohn. They are experts in researching, developing and implementing high-quality applied training systems for Industry 4.0 and primarily involved in:

  1. German dual vocational training research.
  2. The establishment of inter-company training centres.
  3. IHK/AHK vocational qualification certification.
  4. Teacher training, further training, online training.
  5. The reform and innovation of the modern education system.

In general, Rhein Köster is a comprehensive high-tech company in the field of Germany-wide standardised system integration of industrial automation, robot application, research, development and design of industrial intelligent manufacturing technology and others.

Rhein Köster are committed to the establishment and further development of a modern and effective vocational training system, so that more young people receive highly efficient and high-quality vocational training that will enable them to have a better professional future in accordance with their personal skills and interests and lay a solid foundation for the realisation of German Industry 4.0.

More information about Rhein Köster GmbH and its solutions, you can find on the official website