New Silver Member – Learnetic SA

Worlddidac Association is delighted to welcome a new Silver Member from Poland – Learnetic SA

Learnetic SA is an experienced technology-based company operating in the international educational publishing business. The company offers a complete suite of advanced software solutions supporting all stages of educational ePublishing processes, accelerating digital transformation of education. Learnetic provides its partners with advanced Authoring Tools and eLearning Platforms supporting highly interactive digital content development and its latter delivery and usage. 

Learnetic SA cooperates with the most reputable educational publishing houses from over 30 countries from all over the world. Thanks to over 20 years of experience and well-skilled teams of Software and eContent developers that digitized hundreds of textbooks on all spectrums of school subjects, the company helps the clients in all kinds of their technology-driven educational projects. 

Learnetic offers also a ready suite of eContent packages in different subjects, including Special Educational Needs courseware and the world-largest and most comprehensive Digital Math & Science K-12 Curriculum comprising highly interactive digital lessons and Learning Objects. In their offer are also eContent packages 

The company develops and extends its solutions according to the constantly increasing demands of business partners, market, and to the latest technologies available for the end users of their products – at home and in school environments. More information about the company and its solutions you can find on the official website.