Nisai Group acquire Units of Sound as a “gateway to improving literacy levels for learners worldwide”

Nisai Group recently completed their acquisition of Units of Sound, an online literacy tool offering lessons within four key areas: Reading, Spelling, Memory and Dictation. Through this acquisition, Nisai aims to increase the existing presence of Units of Sound in the UK and overseas markets to offer high impact literacy solutions to children and adults globally.
In addition to supporting schools, colleges and the local community, Units of Sound also offers an affordable, bespoke programme designed specifically for use at home – Literacy that Fits. The programme starts with three letter words and builds to adult reading, fitting a range of needs. In line with Nisai’s ethos, Units of Sound also strongly believe in equal value and opportunity for all learners.

Scott Matheson, from Units of Sound, said: “The future of Units of Sound looks bright following the acquisition by Nisai. I am confident that Units of Sound will gain the exposure it needs to support individuals with low literacy levels across the globe.”
Paul Keenleyside, Executive Director of Nisai Education Trust, remarked: “Bringing Units of Sound into the Nisai Group presents real opportunities for the Nisai Education Trust to work with new corporate and research partners. Over the next year we will be undertaking exciting projects utilising the Units of Sounds brilliant ‘anywhere, anytime’ functionality to have an impact on literacy for vulnerable groups in schools and the wider community. We are really pleased that the first of these projects, supporting some of the mums in the Happy Baby Community, will be underway later in 2019.”

Dhruv Patel, CEO and Founder of Nisai, commented: “I am excited about the endless possibilities for Units of Sound both in the UK and overseas markets following this acquisition. We have seen the impact it can have with children and adults and it is much more than just a complementary addition to our existing offer. It is a gateway to improving literacy levels for both traditional and non-traditional learners worldwide.”

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