Nisai predicts the challenges the education sector will face in 2019

Nisai Education Trust is an organisation committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and believes that ‘Every child has the right to an education’. New approaches are needed if society is going to make good on this promise. The Trust took their first step by donating 10 laptops to students at Faith Grower Christian School in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Paul Keenleyside, Executive Director of Nisai Education Trust, said: “I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to support the wonderful children and young people at FGCS on their own learning journeys through providing 10 laptops for them to use in their school in Metro Manila.

“Access to new technologies and ways of learning will be essential for us all but critical for children who will be growing up in rapidly developing ‘post-industrial’ societies and this provides the motivation for us to provide technology and learning opportunities in communities such as Metro Manila.”

Gina Enriquez, Head of Faith Grower Christian School, commented: “On behalf of Faith Grower Christian School faculty, Staff and students, we would like to thank you for the laptops you’ve given us. Truly we are blessed.”

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About Nisai Education Trust

The Nisai Education Trust (NET) exists to answer the questions that are emerging around maximising the potential of all learners in a post-industrial education system. It is somewhere that connects research and practice, where innovation can take place and proofs of concept can be worked through; and where there is a clear focus on delivering education and skills to those who are unable to effectively access the current system.

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