Nisai’s experience at the EDIX show in Osaka, Japan

At the beginning of November, Nisai exhibited at the EDIX Show to launch our British curriculum and online education solutions in Osaka, Japan. We explained how students can join our Nisai courses and start their learning journey by interacting with British teachers and students worldwide. We also noted some interesting trends within the Japanese education market and will soon be launching a Nisai office in Kyoto, Japan!

Impressive outlook on Japanese education

We visited several schools in Kyoto and were very impressed. Some of these schools are leading schools in Japan in terms of global education and English language skills. The schools are transforming the ways they teach in all subjects and students are proactive and energetic.

Although there are still just a small number of leading schools in Japan, we believe there will be a lot of other schools that will be following the trend transform Japanese education.
Dhruv Patel, CEO of Nisai commented: “I was very impressed at the level of Japanese education and the respect between teachers and students. The enthusiasm that students have to learn is great to see!”

Positive discussions on Teacher Training

We also had a discussion with Japanese Education Board in Kyoto prefecture and Kyoto City during our visit to Japan. With the upcoming policy change on education and SEN children, the Ministry of Education is looking for a new approach to train teachers on special education needs and student support. More and more students are looking to study abroad with no means of support. During the EDIX Show, many teachers shared with us that there are more students than before who are interested in studying abroad but current schools do not have any support and are facing financial challenges. We explained how these students can join our Nisai online courses and start their learning journey by interacting with British teachers and students worldwide. This is just like studying abroad through our British curriculum without facing any financial challenges and also being able to stay in Japan. We are now looking forward to providing our courses to Japanese education institutions that will open up doors for students future.

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