Power grid modernization: An intro guide for educators

The power grid is constantly evolving: are your training programs keeping pace?

Increasing global demand for electricity, rising energy costs, and pressing environmental challenges, are forcing a power grid evolu­tion. Power grids are being modernized; they are getting smarter.

Innovating, successfully driving and implementing changes requires qualified people. Job profiles evolve, new skill sets are required: training programs must also evolve.

To help teachers and instructors in the field of electrical engineering, Festo Didactic has just released a new, free introduction guide.

The document provides basic information about the modernization of electric power grids and the consequent impact on training and skill requirements for current and future workers. This guide also provides guidance for bridging the gap between school curriculum and industry requirements.

Table of content:

  • Power Grid Modernization: Benefits and Challenges
  • Qualified Workers Required, All Across the World
  • Top Changes that Shape Power Grid Infrastructures
  • Evolving Job Profiles and Education Prerequisites
  • New Skill Sets Required for Technical Workers
  • 5 Keys to Successful Power Grid Education

Download your free copy (PDF):

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