Precursor study for the wearable devices – decode the secret of body signals

Governments urge people to stay at home or work from home during the lockdown caused by Covid-19. More and more people have been tired of staying at home and tried to turn their houses into home gyms to do some exercises and strengthen their bodies. In this case, smart watches or wearable devices may be the best family coach. These devices can help them adjust their posture for the best fitness effect, monitor their heart rate, and even sleep quality and stress index.

How do these tiny devices have so many functions to track and collect information from your body when you are exercising and sleeping? In fact, if electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements are taken, these devices can capture electrical activities of the heart in a short time. In addition, electromyography (EMG) is another technique commonly used in smart watches and wearable devices. EMG sensors provide information by monitoring the postures of users’ hand and recognizing electrical activities generated by skeletal muscles.

The Biomedical Measurement Data Acquisition System (KL-710) provides a complete system for data acquisition of electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyography (EMG), respiratory rates, electroencephalography (EEG), and electrooculography (EOG). The system allows students to use different types of sensors to collect and measure various physiological signals simultaneously and in a short time, which is one of the basic skills required for emergency room nurses.

Online /Offline Analysis, Biomedical Measurement Data Acquisition System (KL-710)

The software of KL-710 is used to observe the measurement results and display them on the screen. The measurement and analysis of the collected data can be real-time and offline, including mathematical processes, waveform analysis and spectrum analysis. The software is written with the LabVIEW graphical languages, and users can create their own programs to control the data acquisition process, including input/output (analog and digital) as well as trigger start.

Certainly, wearable devices and smart watches aren’t just fashion electronics. If more medical technologies are applied to smart watches and wearable devices, we will benefit a lot by monitoring our health information from them. KL-710 can help students understand the theories about the latest health and medical measuring instruments and their applications in research and development. In addition to monitoring the health status of daily life, the technology will also be applied to medical treatment in hospitals and health centers. This will be a research and development insight that we can foresee now.

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Bastien Chen

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