The Prodit GR0303/000/049D Pump and Turbine Test Unit with Automatic Data Acquisition System is a fully self-contained unit designed to test the performance characteristics of a 3 kW centrifugal pump. The pump is driven by a shaft mounted on a motor with variable speed control. A transparent pipe is along the suction path to visualize cavitation phenomena. The water circuit is the closed type and includes 220 liters water tank, wide size piping with control valves, flow meter, pressure gauges on pump suction and delivery for complete characteristic determination of pump.

Furthermore, the Unit has been designed to be also a Service Unit for water supply of Turbine Testing Apparatuses with the magnetic brake system and to display on the main control board the turbine operation parameters such as speed, flow rate, pressure, load.

Speed, load, flow rate and water inlet pressure are measured by sensors, then shown on the digital display and collected by Automatic Data Acquisition System; at the same time all data can be sent to a computer for visualization, storage, curves representation and plotting.

The equipment can be equipped with no. 3 different types of turbines modules (not included in the supply): Impulse (Pelton) Turbine Module GR0303/000/049E; Radial (Francis) Turbine Module GR0303/000/049F; Axial (Kaplan) Turbine Module GR0303/000/049G.

Experimental Range

  • Determination of pump characteristic curves
  • Visualization of cavitation phenomena
  • Pump efficiency
  • Determination of working point of pump in a circuit
  • Centrifugal pump regulation by rpm control and delivery and control valves

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Enrico Scarrone

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