Quality Glassware from Arihant Industries

Arihant Industries, an ISO9001:2015 Company, announces its new manufacturing facility dedicated to producing quality borosilicate glassware in accordance with international standards. The facility is equipped with world-class machines for glass blowing and skilled craftsmen with years of experience. Backed up with a specialized calibration laboratory having fully automatic Calibration processes to provide error-free calibrated Class A and USP standard glassware, giving individual traceable certificates.

About Arihant Industries

Arihant Industries is a leading manufacturer of teaching aids for schools and education, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Borosilicate Glassware, Plasticware, Essential Labware covering metal, ceramic and wood.

For more information on Borosilicate glassware, please contact amit@arihantlab.com

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Amit Sharma

Arihant Industries