Renewable Energy Association Pakistan (REAP) – New Affiliate from Pakistan

We are pleased to announce that Renewable Energy Association Pakistan (REAP) has become a new Affiliate of the Worlddidac Association. We warmly welcome REAP and are excited to collaborate with them in promoting innovative solutions in education and training.

By joining forces with REAP, we are expanding our collective efforts to drive positive change and create a more sustainable world. REAP’s expertise in promoting renewable energy education and training will be a valuable addition to our community.

REAP’s dedication to promoting renewable energy and sustainability education aligns with our core values, and we are excited to see the impact we can make together. We encourage all of our members to visit REAP’s website at to learn more about their work and how we can collaborate to promote sustainable development worldwide.

Once again, we are delighted to welcome REAP to the Worlddidac Association, and we look forward to a fruitful and successful partnership.