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Training trainers is an activity to qualify lecturers and laboratory equipment in selected polytechnic training institutions. The training on the use of solar systems and laboratory equipment at Manado State Polytechnic is conducted based on an annual framework programme.

RESD project 2022 to prepare for the implementation of the D4 renewable energy specialisation programme in solar, hydro and hybrid will be conducted in semesters 7 and 8.
leXsolar is proud to provide basic training for future PV professionals.
Together with SEDAYU Solar, the leading solar energy company in Indonesia, we will be driving the transformation to a green economy in Indonesia and globally.

Thanks to all project partners for this project.

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leXsolar provides learning systems and products which prepare students for the future with renewable energies. Pupils, students and adults are introduced to the subject in a vivid and practical way and therefore, become enthusiastic thanks to durable products and experiments that have been proven in everyday school life. leXsolar focuses on high-quality and on customer-oriented service.

Together we arouse enthusiasm for renewable energies and make a contribution to the energy turnaround.

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