ROBBO is a growing


Russo-Finnish ed-tech company. ROBBO is used in more than 70 clubs and 95 schools in 12 countries. We believe in teaching robotics and art in unison with STEM to remake it into STREAM. ROBBO utilizes MIT’s ‘Scratch’ visual programming language; this allows children as young as five-years-old to learn 21st-century skills. ROBBO offers three opportunities for education and investment:

ROBBO Class is an excellent solution for schools and robotics clubs. Teachers are provided with hardware, software, and a curriculum subscription. On top of this, teachers are able to attend ROBBO’s special training course; and our top-class support & guidance team is ready to assist when needed.
ROBBO Franchise is a great investment that provides a quick return on investment of just 12-18 months. When you purchase a ROBBO Franchise, you receive all the materials and support from
ROBBO Class; in addition, you receive ROBBO’s full guidance that includes teacher selection, brand support, methodological webinars, and more. Aside from just being a sound investment, ROBBO Franchise empowers and teaches the next generation of thinkers and innovators.
ROBBO for at-home use is perfect for parents and children. With this solution, a family can learn STREAM by purchasing the Robot Kit and Lab. The purchase includes the Scratch software and lesson plans.



(left) Robot Kit: A wheel-based system that allows attachment of extra modules and sensors on it. Robot Kit is controlled by a smartphone, computer, or ROBBO Lab. It has all the necessary schemes, attachments, and instructions so that anyone could build a robot and learn to control it within an hour.

(right) Lab: A motherboard with transmitters and coding sensors packed in a firm transparent cartridge. Students can see the content and they are able to investigate the microelectronic scheme without losing all the parts. It is meant to program computer communication with external devices. It can also be used as a joystick.




(left) 3D-Printer ROBBO Mini: Our 3D-printer brings any idea to life. Kids draw a model and the 3D-printer turns it into a real 3D object made of plastic. You can also choose samples for printing.

(right) Arduino Kit: This kit is necessary for teaching the basics of electronics. The Arduino Kit is made up of 79 electronic components that easily connect to Arduino’s microcontroller.
Together with the “Designing robots on Arduino” guide, kids will learn the basics of electronics. You control the kit using a smartphone, computer, or ROBBO Lab.


ROBBO is dedicated to a bright future where children and students discover their love for science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, and mathematics. Find out more by visiting our website or emailing us.

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Maria Haikkarainen