Rotating Color Circles Bi-Luck® is certified for its outstanding innovation.

Rotating Color Circles Bi-Luck®

IFIA, which is the global platform for invention and innovation, enthusiasts, inventors and invention associations based in Grand-Saconnex, Geneva has certified the Rotating Color Circles device from Bi-Luck® to fulfil the Innovation Standard to become the Innovation Certificate Grade A.

The Certificate proved the most high grade of innovation for commercialisation and will contribute to the realisation of the global slogan: Generating wealth through innovative knowledge.

Rotating Color Circles is an educational device for adults and children who study colour science and professionally work with colours.

The main innovation is the rotating Color Circles Device based on the innovative principle of displacing movable elements along a nonlinear path in the geometrical plane (Patent No. 2175632).


The Bi-Luck studio designs exhibition stands, develops design projects for commercial interiors and other public spaces, and provides design consulting at the workplace with a design solution. The studio’s portfolio includes realized interiors of museums, showrooms, and retail stores; interior areas: lounge, bar, info, cafe, spa, car presentation zones; planning and design solutions for industrial spaces.

In addition to visualisation and implementation of customers’ wishes, Bi-Luck® stands for an educational and intellectual device intended for adults and children who study colour science and professionally work with colour: artists, painters, designers, architects, and decorators. The device develops an aesthetic perception of colours and their combinations, creative thinking and imagination; serves to understand the laws of colour mixing; bases of colour contrast and nuance; harmony of primary and complementary colours; positively influences on the development of the small motor activity of fingers.

Article Submitted by

Viktor Bilak

Bi-Luck ® Spatial Design Studio