Ruspro Education

As a CEO & Founder of Ruspro Education I am honored to join the Worlddidac Association. Ruspro Education is an internationalization consulting company who assists educational companies from around the world in entering Russian and Kazakhstan market  (

The company was launched in St.Petersburg, Russia in 2014, by a team of experts in internationalization and marketing in the field of education. In the first years Ruspro Education specialized in work with SME’s from Finland. As we have been growing more and more EDU companies from other European countries, Asia and Latin America have become our clients.

Ruspro Education works with product/services providers and ICT tools developers in the education industry.

Our services include market research, development of the internationalization strategy, sales organization and event management. Ruspro Education is an organizer of numerous events in Russia – from smaller seminars to bigger programs as the “Educational Marathon: Finland, Russia and Kazakhstan 2018-2019”. We organize business missions for the principles of Russian leading schools around the world so that they could get know the best international practices and meet with potential partners. Such activities allow us to be in touch with the Russian and Kazakhstan professional society and know their needs.

If you are interested in entering Russian and Kazakhstan market or just curious if these markets are potential for your products and services,  let’s have a teleconference or meet in Bern 7-8 November 2018!


Yours sincerely,

Irina Solonova