Skills for life

In Seabery all of us strongly believe that one of the main challenges to improve our world is to increase people’s happiness, and releasing human talent to reach personal and professional realization may be one of the best ways to succeed in this global mission.

The first thing we thought about was how to attract and engage the new generation of young people. This is a very big challenge that has to be handled together by governments, industries and also us: educational technology companies.

In Seabery, we have developed a skills training platform called Augmented Training that combines Augmented Reality with simulation, teacher software, content management tools and apps. Our first commercial application, Soldamatic for welding training is now moving from early adoption to early market phase, changing welding training rules in 42 countries with customers from Governments and big industrial companies like Volkswagen, Daimler, John Deere, General Motors, and much more, and a network of more than 70 great partners worldwide. This powerful teamwork is driving us to be asked by our customers for more. Very soon we will be releasing our new Augmented Training platform for mobile phones. Also contributing to our progress, in 2014 we received the Worlddidac Award—awarded to the Most Innovative Technology for Education. Stay tuned.

We have a new Partners program and will be more than happy to explore potential cooperation with all Worlddidac members believing that synergies and timing, might be the 2 most important factors to succeed in our mission. Contact us to explore our mutual potential.

Article submitted by:

Alejandro Villaran Vazquez, Seabery Soluciones S.L.