Soldamatic revolutionizes digital welding training with new functionalities and hyper-realism never seen before.

The software debuts on attractive hardware with a more industrial and compact design.

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In a global context of welder shortage, the worldwide industry continues to demand training solutions that help meet the demand for these indispensable skilled professionals.

Traditional training has proven inefficient, costly and polluting, as well as entailing physical risks for trainees and failing to project an attractive image of a high-paying profession.

This demand from companies, trainers and institutions was taken up by the Spanish technology company, Seabery, more than fifteen years ago, during which time it has developed what is surely the most advanced welding training solution: Soldamatic.

Seeking to offer the most realistic welding experience on the market, Soldamatic™ is a patented training solution based on augmented reality, not virtual reality. It is a proven, effective, state-of-the-art solution powered by Hyperreal-SIM™, a registered trademark that identifies the set of technologies and components that make possible the most realistic and closest experience to real welding.

The use of Soldamatic has proven to increase the number of certified welders by 34% while decreasing the actual training time in the welding shop by 56%. It also reduces costs by 68% and accidents by 84%. These are surprising figures, in addition to the energy savings, since one real welding machine consumes the same as twenty Soldamatic units (University of Esslingen, Germany).

The company says that Soldamatic’s success is based on the fact that “it has been created by welders, for welders. Welding is serious business, and Soldamatic is not a video game”. A statement that is corroborated by the fact that the hyper-realism obtained in practice is not only the result of the use of advanced graphics but comes from the calibration of millions of combinations made in a workshop by professionals and the use of natural components. As its developers insist: “if you can weld it, Soldamatic can simulate it.”

Soldamatic records all training data and parameters in real-time, which helps to identify and correct errors on the spot or immediately after the end of the exercise.

Soldamatic and its e-Learning tool (LMS for course management and development), allow users to acquire the necessary skills and hands-on experience to move quickly into a real-world environment. Users can return to the augmented reality simulator at any time to practice and refine skills in which they may be struggling. This method or learning process is called Augmented Training Methodology and is designed to promote intensive practice in a dynamic and flexible way.

The new version of Soldamatic has improved both software and hardware. In terms of calibration and parameterization, even more hyper-realistic graphics have been incorporated, and new real-time guidance has been established to assist students during execution.

The new graphics are based on photorealism and physical rendering (PBR), while shading and lighting models are used to better replicate real-world materials. The new Soldamatic also incorporates an improved welding arc, which contributes to a more realistic TIG experience. Similarly, GTAW and tungsten arc welding simulation has been advanced, achieving greater bead geometry and fine surface detail.

In addition, he renewed analysis module incorporates a bend test, which detects internal damage to the weld bead and warns of the risk of material breakage. It allows a video replay and a 3D view to examine the exercise and the bead made, and displays different graphs to analyze each parameter and defect.

On the other hand, the system reproduces a cross-section and adds a visual of the mechanical force, which allows to analyze the value of the weld bead for each selected point.

As for the hardware, in addition to a new, more attractive, industrial and compact design, new advanced torches have been introduced. These have been fitted with an additional camera at the tip to show the ideal viewing angle for more complex jobs. This helps to improve the accuracy and information provided. New icons have also been added to the simulation to provide more detail and better detect faults during practice.

These improvements and new features are the result of constant feedback from industry professionals and make Soldamatic probably the most complete, advanced and hyper-realistic welding training solution ever.


Seabery Augmented Technology is the world leader in the development of simulation-based educational solutions with Augmented Reality technology. The company’s hallmark is to become a benchmark in the EdTech and industrial sector of skills-based training, helping to evolve the traditional educational model and enabling companies to adapt to the requirements of Industry 4.0. The welding training solution, Soldamatic Augmented Training®, is currently deployed in more than 80 countries and its growth is exponential Soldamatic features the patented HyperReal-SimTM technology and has been awarded as The Best Augmented Reality Application in education at the Auggie Awards (Silicon Valley, California), as it proposes a new paradigm in the world of traditional vocational training..

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Jaime Zaforas

Seabery Augumented Technology