Solutions for Technical Education in STEM Classes

Our mission is to inspire young people with a thirst for knowledge in science and technology. We want to encourage the engagement and interest of students and ensure learning success in physics lessons with practical and demonstrative approaches.

Making STEM Lessons More Exciting

Students can perform numerous basic experiments in mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism with our high-quality and robust experiment kits. The experiments guarantee successful and motivating physics lessons and the simple experiments improve the understanding of physical phenomena. The matching teacher’s experiment instructions make lesson preparation easier for teachers and the student workbooks support the students in their independent experimentation.

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Making radioactivity visible and understandable

The compact and handy Continuous Cloud Chamber for the classroom makes it easy to understand, detect and observe radioactivity. Students can observe and identify particle traces during decay. The Cloud Chamber is ready for use in just 10 minutes, has integrated high-performance cooling and can be operated continuously for up to one hour. Thanks to the built-in power supply, the cloud chamber is particularly flexible and does not depend on an external supply.

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About Christiani

Christiani stands for quality in technical training and further training for 90 years now. We develop specialist books, courses and didactic documents for our teaching systems as well as training devices for vocational and further training. Our close and long-term relationships with companies from industry and trade, associations and institutions ensure that we are always at the forefront of technology in education.

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