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Speexx Earns Multiple Top Awards and Badges in G2’s Winter 2023 Reports
Speexx, the leader in digital on-the-job people development, has been awarded 18 badges in software marketplace G2‘s newest Winter 2023 Report. The badges, which include three in the Leader category and five for High Performer, are based on reviews from real users, calculated on a quarterly basis.

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What can you expect in HR and L&D for 2023?

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Reframing Virtual and Hybrid Learning With a Human Focus

Just a mere three years ago, in January 2020, only 50% of this training was done online. Fast forward to three months later, and the proportion was 100% (thanks to the lockdown in a global pandemic). If online delivery is now the expected benchmark, we need to ask: exactly how good is it? And from whose perspective? What does success look like for the organization and the learner?

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3 Steps to Becoming a Good Leader

The image of a good manager is constantly changing, but the past three years in particular, have completely turned established management styles upside down. New work structures and forms as well as new technologies and communication tools require adaptation, both of the entire team and of the leader. Studies show that in the first quarter of 2022, worker productivity fell by 7.5% – the sharpest drop in 75 years. The diagnosis? consequences of bad leadership.

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Promote Development From Within With Digital Business Coaching

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Get a head start on the new year with this introduction to digital business coaching. Find topics like business coaching theory, translating learning into performance, unlocking meaningfulness for Gen Z, various coaching methodologies and more in this whitepaper.

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