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Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, continues to release more exciting product updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience. 

Based on your feedback, we’ve updated our user and learning experience across the entire Speexx portal. The goal was to support your users better in their individual learning journey by creating an all-new user experience to increase learner motivation and engagement.

Learn more about new topics we are exploring by checking out our website for more feature updates!

Speexx Wins Gold in 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

Speexx is built on the concept of human-centred learning. Speexx is a digital learning platform that offers a highly personalized experience by incorporating a wide range of digital learning tools, such as AI-powered personalized content and predictive analytics of user behaviour.

As a result, Speexx has been recognized by the Brandon Hall Group and awarded gold for excellence in the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology category.

Read more about this award on the Speexx blog here.

Speexx Exchange 2021 and OpenSesame Sponsorship

The first hybrid Speexx Exchange event is a wrap. Speexx thanks Laura Overton and Jo Cook for being a genuinely magical duo, as well as to all other speakers and participants. No matter where people joined from, the vision of a hybrid Speexx Exchange came to life.

A big thank you to the event sponsor OpenSesame for supporting the vision. Read more about OpenSesame, a market-leading SaaS global e-learning innovator, becoming the premium sponsor of the 11th edition of Speexx Exchange here.

If you missed the event or would just like to revisit the day’s presentations, check out the recordings here.

Spotlight On: Mehdi Tounsi from OpenSesame

Speexx was able to catch up with Mehdi Tounsi, Senior Regional Director at EdTech company OpenSesame and have some very interesting conversations. Mehdi discussed challenges that may arise in HR and L&D and what this upcoming year means for L&D.

Check out the Speexx blog here to learn more about Mehdi’s view on technological advances, along with what inspires him the most about learning technology.

Digital Transformation for the Frontline Workforce

Traditionally, online learning platforms have been designed with desk-based office staff in mind who are used to working at a computer for long periods of time. However, in many industries, the frontline staff require training in fields where they don’t usually sit at a desk.

It can be challenging to consistently keep frontline workers’ skills up to date in highly regulated industries such as onsite engineers, retail assistants, and construction workers. Moreover, frontline staff are the key workers of a business, and their knowledge and skills must be held to the best and most current good practices to further the success of both the employer and the employee. Read more on the Speexx blog here on the impacts of digital transformation and what that means for the frontline workforce.

Improving Psychological Safety in a Hybrid Work Model

Why is psychological safety in the workplace essential, and what does this look like? 

Get to the next level in your HR career with practical tips on how HR leaders can deliver more positive business outcomes while also offering psychological safety for employees.

Check out the Speexx whitepaper here for more tips on how to build psychological safety in your workplace.

Beyond Hybrid – The HR Guide for the Working World of the Future

The way we work has been fundamentally transformed due to the increase in more companies offering flexible working hours and where hybrid offices and remote teams come more into play. 

Due to this shift, the way we organize work has had some significant challenges alongside it, especially for HR.

To overcome these challenges in the most effective way possible, and learn how you and your team can successfully shape the new world of work, check out a complete guide here

Rolling out Badges and Credentials – Five-point Playbook for a Successful Roll-out

What are digital badges and credentials, and how can we as HR and L&D professionals understand their benefits and challenges?

Find out in the Speexx whitepaper here about not only what opportunities arise with badges and credentials but how to use and promote them in your organization. 

The Role of New Technology in Work Transformation

Rethink the role of new technology and reset your business priorities for the new year. Build a partnership between people and technology and combine human and technological processes. In doing so, you can create a more capable structure to achieve better outcomes in your organization.

Check out the Speexx whitepaper here around the role new technology plays in transformation within the workplace.

How to Lead in an Age of Uncertainty

As the last two years have changed the expectations of organizations and their employees dramatically, there is a new age arising. There seems to be a new human-centered benchmark for leadership in this new age. 

Check out the new guide to developing effective & enlightened leadership here to learn how leaders can help to nurture an engaging, diverse, and mutually trusting culture in most recent times.

Making a Case for a Real L&D Department

Join experts Malene Engelbrecht Schau, Head of Wind University at Siemens Gamesa, and Lisabeth Andersen, Global Head of Learning Operation at Siemens Gamesa, on the Speexx Exchange podcast to talk about the importance of Learning and Development. 

Together they have created an effective L&D department, appreciated by both their team and the business leaders. More specifically, learn from their experiences in an environment where L&D should not be outsourced and what other businesses can gain as insights from their inside knowledge.

Check out the episode here on the Speexx Exchange podcast.

Speexx on Instagram

Speexx is expanding its reach and communication to Instagram. Enjoy posts highlighting top content pieces, be the first to see new updates to the product and interact with other users who share your same interests. 

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