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Digital Learning Trends in 2022

Join L&D expert Donald H. Taylor in a Speexx Masterclass webinar discussing the results of the Global Sentiment Survey. This survey is a one-minute poll that asks L&D professionals internationally what they think will be trending topics in the following year. During the webinar, Donald dives deeper into digital learning trends and what they could mean for the future of workplace learning.

Check out the full recording of the webinar here.

Welcome to the Human Capital Era

The world of work is changing, which means preparing for the future and meeting the current expectations of the market. The adoption of technology across industries has also seen an upgrade since the start of the pandemic. In preparation for these changes, companies and employees must remain agile to follow the shift and the way of working.

Read more in the Speexx whitepaper, Welcome to the Human Capital Era, and discover what talent agility means for organizations and their people. 

5 Reasons to Grow a Truly Sustainable L&D Culture in 2022

One of the major topics in 2022 is the topic of practicing sustainability. This is no different for organizations, especially if they want to keep focus ahead and adopt this as a key goal moving forward. It is becoming more prevalent that employees now prefer to work for companies that choose to act in an ethical, impactful, and sustainable manner. It is therefore essential to drive goals with concrete actions, a precise meaning, and purpose rather than empty sentiment.

Find out more about why you should start to grow a sustainable L&D culture in the Speexx eBook, 5 Reasons to Grow a Truly Sustainable L&D Culture in 2022, and how to communicate this to your employees along the way.

How to Drive Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

It is evident that there should be a place for diversity in the workplace. By creating enough space for diversity within an organization, the positive effect on the retention of staff, innovation within teams, and the company’s overall success can be seen. The challenge, however, is implementing specific initiatives and successfully planning how to roll these out to all teams. 

See how you can move your team forward in the Speexx whitepaper, How to Drive Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives and start building and defining your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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