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Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, continues to release more exciting updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience.    

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Unlocking Your Organization’s Potential With Inclusivity

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are crucial to the success of a business. The world we live in today comprises many multicultural and diverse people. It is essential not to forget these differences that make employees unique. 

Find out how you can unlock your organization’s full potential by incorporating inclusion within teams and departments. Check out the latest whitepaper, including a bonus infographic, and find out why diversity and inclusion can help bring more success to your organization.

Crisis Toolkit 

Whether internal to the company or global, crises always lead to uncertainty and require action and adaptation. Do you know what impact returning to the office has on your team, how best to motivate employees in times of crisis, and what the consequences can be if you underestimate a crisis? 

Find these answers in our toolkit, “Crisis management for HR and managers,” currently available only in German.

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