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Earlier this month, Speexx hosted a Masterclass Webinar with Jo Cook, a speaker, instructional designer, and classroom facilitator who specializes in virtual classrooms, webinars and live online learning technology. In this Masterclass, Jo discusses the challenges associated with virtual classrooms and recommends key areas on which to focus in order to run successful virtual classrooms in 2021.

For more insights on how you can improve your approach to virtual classrooms, check out the recording here.

 As the entire world recently passed the one-year mark of all-remote working, due to the first globally mandated lockdowns last spring, Speexx looked back on 2020 to share some key takeaways from the experience.

Speexx, intelligent language learning platform for the digital workplace, shares its top lessons learned from a year of working and learning from home, including how it maintained business continuity, strengthened both internal and external communication despite all-remote work, and how it was still able to grow as a company during an uncertain time.

It’s no secret that the pandemic shook things up in the learning industry. Topics that were “hot” or trending in a pre-COVID world have now fallen, with themes like upskilling and reskilling now climbing to the top of trend lists (surpassing long-reigning themes like AI and VR). Speexx presents its collected data from accredited L&D thought-leaders, as well as its own research, to bring you the Top Digital Learning Trends of 2021.

The notion of “Impostor Syndrome” has recently surfaced as an increasingly common workplace experience. To ensure employees can enjoy steady well-being and maintain balanced mental health in the workplace, HR and L&D professionals must take a hard look at current practices, especially when it comes to keeping employees feeling safe and secure in their roles during a pandemic. Speexx put together some tips on how you can prevent impostor syndrome from affecting your workplace. By creating a healthier working environment, where continuous, respectful communication is a top priority, colleagues will feel supported, more aware of how others are feeling, empathetic toward one another and more likely to raise their hands for help when needed.

Speexx is constantly making improvements and updates based on user feedback. Some of our latest feature updates and product innovations include our brand-new virtual classroom experience, as well as resources that combine digital skills training with professional development coaching for 21st century skills. Find out more here.

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