Speexx talks next generation language learning, AI and big growth in 2019

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Speexx Talks Next Generation Language Learning, AI and Big Growth in 2019
In recent interviews with Learning News and AndroidPIT, co-founder and President of Speexx, Armin Hopp, explains how the company has recently changed the way it develops its software, how AI is more than just a buzzword at Speexx, and about the upcoming challenges and new growth the company is facing in 2019.

Challenges and opportunities for e-learning in AI
When interviewed by Learning News at Learning Technologies 2019 last February, and asked about challenges facing the e-learning industry today, Armin mentioned that bringing learning to scale and personalizing the learning experience at a user level is key – and outlined how this is indeed a big priority for Speexx this year.
When it comes to the e-learning industry, Armin said there are many big promises in AI and data, but the regulatory hurdles in some countries differ from others – adding more complications within the industry when companies are aiming for the ability to put large amounts of data to good use and create a better learning experience to ultimately further personalize learning.

Big changes for Speexx
Speexx is experiencing big growth in 2019, and not only as an international business but also in terms of its product and learning solutions. Several years ago, the company pivoted in the way it developed software; originally replacing one legacy system after the other before deciding to scrap everything and start at the beginning. It was certainly a huge effort, but one major result from going back to basics and building a brand new foundation was that Speexx was able to create a booking system for virtual training, which uses AI to automatically match users and coaches based on language level, job role and title, learning behaviours and preferences, trainer profile, interests and more.
”We are the first intelligent language learning solution for the workplace and there are lots of one-size-fits-all solutions out there, but what we are doing is bringing learning to scale and using data to further personalize the learning experience at a user level. We are really focused on helping our customers run their systems with IT integration, HR analytics and we use the same kind of data to provide them with more insight. What we can actually bring to the market is inside analytics for a whole population of users across different locations,’’ said Speexx’s President and co-founder, Armin Hopp.

AI is more than a buzzword
As the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) is popping up everywhere across different markets around the globe, and even within consumer and enterprise learning companies, it has also become quite the buzzword in terms of marketing efforts and risks losing its meaning. AndroidPIT author David McCourt spoke with Armin to learn why AI is more than just a buzzword at Speexx. ‘’I do think AI is used too often where we actually mean programmed queries on big data sets,’’ said Armin. He explained that Speexx has completely rebuilt is entire tech ecosystem from the ground up four years ago and that these big efforts have really paid off and laid the way for a great foundation that truly uses AI to benefit their users and customers.

A user-centric approach to corporate language training
Speexx was also recently recognized in London, at eLearning Network’s LT Awards Showcase event for the winners of 2018’s Learning Technologies Awards. There, Speexx presented its award-winning language learning solutions, discussed the challenges facing the e-learning industry today and explained how it overcame these challenges to win Gold for Best Online Distance Learning Programme.
The judges, who awarded Speexx with this very same award several years ago, mentioned that the Speexx Smart Learning solution effortlessly excelled in all criteria for this category – in no small part due to its “user-centric approach to corporate language training.”

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