Speexx – The New Normal

Speexx – is the New Normal

Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, continues to release more exciting product updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience.

One new update is the ability to add a company-specific glossary in the Speexx Vocabulary Trainer. This way, Speexx users can learn the vocabulary specific to their company or they can choose from extensive word lists for topics such as finance, HR, automotive and more.

Another great enhancement is the new performance metrics available in Speexx Manager. Speexx Manager is the best way for HR and L&D to quantify and measure the results of their training program. Check out the Speexx blog for more feature updates!

How to Develop a Well-Being Program for Your Employees

For most, the past year has proven to be challenging; having to quickly adapt to working, learning, and teaching from home where demanding times like these take a toll on your work performance, your mindset and state of well-being. Now is the best time, if any, to set up a comprehensive well-being program for your organization. Healthier, well-balanced employees are better suited to reach their goals and collectively help the company reach its goals.

On the topic of well-being in the workplace, Speexx recently conducted a Masterclass webinar with well-being expert, Montserrat Ventosa.  In this webinar, Monserrat presented five strategies companies can adopt to help raise levels of well-being within their teams.

Check out the webinar How to Drive and Monitor Well-being in the Digital Workplace to jumpstart well-being at your organization.

Reasons the “Butts-in-Seats” Culture Doesn’t Work

The concept of “butts in seats”, or in other words requiring the physical attendance by employees at work, is outdated and can potentially backfire on those who believe that everything will go back to the way it was before the global pandemic. The global pandemic showed that people are not only willing to work remotely, but that they can manage their tasks successfully and surprisingly many are also more productive when working this way.  

Check out this blog post; Reasons the “Butts-in-Seats” Culture Doesn’t Work in Our Remote Working Age to learn more about why the “butts-in-seats” culture doesn’t work in the new remote normal.

Virtual Classrooms – The Must-Have Learning Experience for the Future

Virtual classrooms are a flexible and more convenient way to learn, but that’s not the only reason why they are becoming so popular. In the infographic, Virtual Classrooms The Must-Have Learning Experience for the Future, Speexx shares data about the benefits that virtual classrooms have brought to both businesses and learners, discusses the top skills users are developing, and provides the main reasons to offer virtual training sessions.

Check out the infographic here to see the positive impact virtual classrooms can have on your learning experience.

Hybrid Teams: The Future is Part Human, Part Machine

Data consultant and former Channel 4 Chief Data Scientist, Greg Detre, recently spoke with L&D expert Donald Taylor on the Speexx Exchange Podcast about the interchange between people and machines, starting with the identification and recognition of skills. From there, they discuss how to trim these insights down to a manageable set of resources (akin to data visualization) and make teams more efficient and effective in the workplace. Tune in to Hybrid Teams: The Future is Part Human, Part Machine to find out more!

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Learning Generosity in the L&D Profession

Stefaan van Hooydonk, a well-known educator, strategist, innovator, and consultant, sat down with Donald Taylor to discuss Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Learning Generosity in the L&D Profession on the Speexx Exchange Podcast. Stefaan shares his thoughts on learning generosity, and insights on how to best magnify the voices of every single person within an organization.

Indeed, like us at Speexx, Stefaan believes so much knowledge is to be found within the organization. He and Donald explore how curiosity is a beautiful gift that L&D folks can give to an organization.

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