Speexx – The New Normal

Speexx – is the New Normal

Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, is continuously releasing more exciting updates in order to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience.

Some new updates include creating a customized learning experience in each users’ activity feed using company-specific topics or even content curated from Speexx. According to the initial Needs Assessment from each user, each users’ feed is regularly updated in order to have fresh new content always readily available.

Another great improvement is the new way to arrange a customized workshop tailored to be a session that fits the specific needs of your organization. These online workshops are specific to employees from your company included with the tracking of all engagement data. Check out our website for more feature updates!

Speexx Exchange 2021

The 11th edition of the Speexx Exchange conference is confirmed! This HR and L&D conference is organized by Speexx and offers an annual check-in on e-learning and talent management practices. This hybrid event takes place in person in Berlin and through an interactive live broadcast.

We welcome back HR and learning industry icons such as Laura Overton, as well as many other international speakers and HR experts. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the future of HR and L&D and highlight relevant tools for successful digital transformation with the sharpest professionals from around the world.

To secure your spot at the annual Speexx Exchange conference on December 1st, 2021 save your seat here.

Digital Body Language – How Digital Communication Works

Something that is seen to be emerging, especially now that most of us are learning and working remotely, is the concept of “digital body language”. This is a topic that is becoming more important in the modern working world now that everyday communication takes place almost exclusively digitally. Your digital body language can say a lot about you. How you effectively digitally communicate is important in order to become in control of the conversation and to become aware of its impact.

Check out this blog post; Digital Body Language – How Digital Communication Works to learn more about how you can tune into your body language digitally and improve your online presence.

Speexx: A Credible Solution in the Global, Digital Workforce

As HR and L&D professionals how do we know which platforms to go to when it comes to being trustworthy and secure? Knowing which providers are credible and have obtained the proper accreditation and certifications is something that should be set as a priority. Speexx has prioritized its own company’s certifications, such as TISAX in information security and ISO to meet customers’ needs within regulatory requirements in order to showcase our commitment.

Read more in the blog post; Speexx: A Credible Solution in the Global, Digital Workforce on why such certifications are important to assess credible platforms and providers such as Speexx.

Mission Critical HR and L&D lessons to Help You Make Smarter Choices with Laura Overton

There is no doubt that many lessons have been learned throughout the span of the pandemic. However, applying these lessons to effectively improve your business is the tricky part. Speexx held an On Demand Webinar with Laura Overton around the topic in order to discuss the specifics.

Laura Overton is an experienced international speaker, author, and L&D expert who spoke in this webinar about how you as HR and L&D professionals can apply certain lessons learned, such as building business value in your organization to drive maximum impact.

Check out the webinar Mission Critical HR and L&D Lessons to accelerate your organizations growth after the impact of the pandemic.

The Most Important Traits and Skills for the Decade Ahead

Now with digital transformation, workforce transformation, new ways of working and more competition becoming more prevalent, the way we work needs to be reevaluated. Not only that, but on top of that leaders are still struggling after the global pandemic to get the balance right of what needs to be done to orientate their business in the right direction.

Learning and human capital professional Jeremy Blain hosted a unique Masterclass Webinar around this topic in order to inspire leadership aspirations in others, no matter what your current status is.

Listen in to this webinar The Enlightened Leader© The Most Important Traits and Skills for the Decade Ahead to see how you can position your organization correctly despite political, environmental and financial uncertainty.

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