Speexx – The New Normal

Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, is releasing new updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience for you. 

Speexx is making your language learning journey more personal where you can enjoy exciting updates around SuccessFactors and create customized workshops.

Enjoy new ways to personalize online workshops and make them specific to the employees from your company, as well as track relevant engagement data. Set up exciting and compelling workshops on various topics such as project management, negotiation, management, and so much more to keep your workforce engaged.

The process for all SuccessFactors customers has been made simpler, along with improving the processes linked to SCORM where you no longer need to rely on user login for access. Also, without user intervention, you can unlock result milestones from assessments and subscriptions via the API. Last but not least, the completion of Speexx licenses can be automatically reported, giving you easy access to these essential reports.

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Challenges That Online Coaching Represents for HR and L&D

Human connection is a crucial part of the learning process that is often overlooked, especially when coaching online. Increasing the human connection in digital learning by using innovative tools and interactive game elements can be more beneficial than many realize. 

By talking to our friends at Gamoteca, Speexx was able to get more insights on how you can improve your online coaching methods by including gamification into your learning processes. 

In the Speexx Masterclass Webinar Increasing Human Connection in Digital Learning through Coaching, Alessia Messuti (Learning Innovation Programme Officer at the International Training Centre for the ILO) and Atish Gonsalves (Founder of Gamoteca) go into more detail on the challenges of online coaching. In this webinar, they demonstrated how to slow down and record real-time interactions in a way that promotes reflection, levels the playing field, and helps learners develop essential digital relationship skills.

Discover on the Speexx blog how to improve your coaching skills through a fun gamified experience while promoting peer-to-peer online learning and keeping employees active and engaged. Check out our blog for more insights into what challenges HR and L&D professionals face when coaching online.

How do you know as an HR and L&D manager whether a provider or platform is trustworthy and secure? Proper accreditation and certification are crucial when considering a provider online. In the blog post, Speexx: A Credible Solution in the Global, Digital Workforce, Speexx delves into just how vital proper accreditation and credentials are and how prioritizing our certifications helps Speexx to be a credible online provider that’s up for any challenge.

Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace

Feeling inadequate in the workplace is never a good thing. That’s why Speexx has come up with six tips to help you overcome any feelings of incompetence that you may have while doing your job. 

This infographic shares practical tips and tricks HR and L&D professionals can take to support employees that might be dealing with Impostor Syndrome.

Language Learning Do’s & Dont’s
Times as we know it are changing. With developments in globalization and new innovations in digital transformation, it is more important than ever to be continuously upskilling and reskilling your employees.

These changes mean that speaking more than one language is becoming a more important skill than ever before. By skilling your workforce to learn a new language, opportunities for more business partnerships and the potential to secure international relationships with clients opens up.

Check out the Speexx infographic How to Do It Right: Corporate Language Training in the Digital World to learn more about the best practices for successful corporate language training.

The Most Important Traits and Skills for the Decade Ahead

There is a clear need for robust and supportive leadership in the modern workplace. However, many leaders are still struggling after the impact of the pandemic to find a balance between getting things done efficiently and re-orientating their business to fit the current times.

If you are looking to gain some inspiration for your leadership practices and skillsets, check out the Speexx Masterclass Webinar, The Most Important Traits and Skills for the Decade Ahead. This exciting webinar is hosted by Enlightened Leader Expert© and research co-author Jeremy Blain, where he introduces unique concepts aimed at inspiring your own leadership aspirations no matter how long you’ve been in the game.

Why Accessibility Is More Than an Add on to Your Content
While accessibility is not a new topic, many of us are becoming more aware of how important and beneficial it can be to our business. By including certain accessibility assets into development processes from the beginning, you allow anyone and everyone, no matter their situation, to use or benefit from your product with ease. 

In the Speexx Exchange Podcast, Donald Taylor explores this topic further with Michael Osborne, a user-experience-driven developer, by delving deeper into exactly why we should all put more thought into the issue of accessibility. 

Find out why it is vital to make accessibility a priority instead of an add-on and why it benefits everyone. Listen to episode 24, Why Accessibility Is More Than an Add-on to Your Content, and learn from the expert!

Managing Remote Teams PowerUp Webinar

Look out for the upcoming Speexx PowerUp Webinar Managing Remote Teams to learn more about how you can get the Business English language skills you need to perform better.

Experience the Speexx Virtual Classroom solution in this webinar all about managing remote teams. Learn how to master key vocabulary in a fun and effective way and brush up on your English in social and formal situations.

Work and communicate across borders with more confidence, conduct job interviews, write mails and letters and negotiate business English. Meet professionals from all over the world and let our star trainers guide you in interesting conversations on digital HR and L&D issues.

Sign up now for the webinar on September 30th. Seats are going fast!

Digital Panel – The Future of the Workplace Through the Speexx Lense

Go behind the scenes with Speexx like never before with an interactive panel of Speexx experts to learn how to adapt quickly to rapid change and take on new challenges of the hybrid world of working and learning.

In this panel, our Speexx experts will discuss the challenges that many of us come across in the hybrid workplace and provide practical advice on overcoming these obstacles.

Don’t miss out on this exciting panel discussion, The Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace, on September 30th!

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