Speexx – The New Normal

Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, has recently released some new updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience for you. 

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Reskilling and the Great Resignation

The 11th edition of the Speexx Exchange conference is coming up on December 1st! This event brings together global HR and L&D thought leaders, friends, and customers of Speexx. The conference will dive into upskilling and reskilling and how to prioritize this, especially with the rise of new challenges after the pandemic. Learn from our top industry expert’s tips on how you can add bottom-line value to your organization.

This year’s Speexx Exchange will be held as a hybrid event. You can come to meet us in Berlin or join us online from anywhere around the world. For one day, you can immerse yourself in sharing, learning, and defining what the best practice in corporate learning and talent management looks like. 

HR and learning industry icons such as Laura Overton and Jo Cook will discuss the future of HR and L&D and highlight relevant tools for successful digital transformation alongside the sharpest professionals worldwide. 

Enjoy great insights from the rest of the speakers:

Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer at Learning Rebels

Mehdi Tounsi, Senior Regional Director at OpenSesame

Jeff Kortenbosch, Senior Advisor Talent Development at Volksbank

Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschoff, Senior Professor at the Institute for Anglophone Studies

Rolf Reinhardt, Treasurer & Member of the Executive Committee at ICOBC

Jeremy Blain, Founder and CEO of Performance Works International

Interested in joining the annual Speexx Exchange conference on December 1st, 2021? Save your seat here.

The Speexx Exchange Survey

Have your voice be heard by taking part in the Speexx Exchange Survey. Your feedback is valuable to help others understand the current state of HR and L&D and what we can all do to improve. Give your feedback on topics such as what challenges HR and L&D face in the future and what has been the most influential aspect in digital transformation for your organization.

With just five minutes of your time, your opinion on how digital learning has impacted your organization will help shape a better new normal in HR and L&D. Also, by completing this survey, you are entered for the chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet as a thank you for your participation.

Take part in our annual survey here.

The Importance of Digital Skills in a Digital World

In an increasingly digital world, developing digital competence is more important than ever. Digital skills can be a precious asset to companies, and success depends on how we handle new technology and use it to our advantage.

Digital skillsets help to make oneself more valuable as an employee and versatile in vital specializations online. As digital transformation becomes more evident, companies will be paying more attention to them than ever before.

Read more in our blog post, Why Digital Competencies Among Employees Are Becoming Increasingly Important for Companies, about how digital skills make it possible to continuously learn and grow and are vital for employees and companies alike.

How Virtual Classrooms Are Better in 2021

Virtual classrooms have shown us that learning in a remote and digital environment can be as successful as face-to-face learning. But how can you improve your virtual learning setting and make the most out of it in 2021? When it comes to virtual classrooms, what things can you do to try and stay ahead of the curve to learn, grow, and improve personally and professionally?

Putting in more prioritization in areas such as what tools you use online or even coupling learning techniques like blended learning can be a great, new way to engage your employees.

Check out our blog post How Virtual Classrooms Are Better in 2021 and What It Will Take To Get There, where we give you some insights from customers of Speexx on their experiences with virtual classrooms.

How to Drive Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

More diverse and inclusive practices can help employees become more well-versed in a broad spectrum of perspectives and approaches and therefore be more competitive in a globalized economy. Moreover, more than half of all organizations have a diversity and inclusion policy, and some companies are simply doing only the minimum required. In some cases, this task is handed over to HR with little support or backup. Organizations should instead be approaching the issue of diversity and inclusion with a plan to successfully implement initiatives that positively affect innovation, employee retention

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