Suffered from a Shortage of Medical Devices during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Time to Deploy Skills for the Medical Device Industry!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries suffer from a lack of medical devices. Some of them never pay attention to the education of medical devices; some of them depend upon foreign production and supply. Now, it’s time to equip your students with the skills required, not only to benefit your home country but also to pursue “Health for All”.

Preparation for Designing Fundamental Circuits

How can we foster the design, manufacturing, and maintenance skills of medical equipment? An easy-to-use medical training system is a key factor for successful medical equipment education. Through hands-on practices on the Biomedical Measurement Training System (KL-730), students are able to learn:
• the principle of physiological signals
• the characteristics of sensors
• how processing circuits are constructed by
implementing key components (such as signal filters and
amplifiers) on circuits of ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG,…etc
• how to precisely capture and measure body signals
from various sensors

Skill Development for Smart Healthcare

Nowadays, as smart healthcare becomes more and more important, medical schools or related departments must accelerate their pace to cultivate students to cope with current trends. Physiological and engineering knowledge is required to design Smart Healthcare devices. The comprehensive medical training equipment (KL-730) consists of detailed experiment manuals to stimulate students’ diversified innovation in the future.

Article Submitted by:

Jamie Hung
Taiwan, Province of China