Teachers and students can enter the English-speaking business world online

At the end of 2020 many schools in Europe and other countries have been closed due to COVID-19. A number of educational content providers such as MSM Studio are working hard on distance learning materials and offer high-quality e-learning courses. A year ago, in 2019, right after launching Balloon English (ELT materials for grades 1-6), MSM Studio started the development of Business Update. The first part of the course will be available in the beginning of 2021.

A short product description

Business Update puts students at ease with English-language communication in authentic company settings. It provides students with the English skills they need for business using a carefully planned combination of task-based and multi-functional practice. It teaches specialist vocabulary and provides authentic business scenarios in which skills can be practiced. Business Update is enriched with hundreds of videos, animations, slideshows and photographs. It is in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It is supplied with AI-aided dynamic and personal learning paths. An intelligent reporting and feedback system motivates and guides students through the course. It is based on Business update published by Garnet Publishing Ltd.

About MSM Studio

MSM Studio has been producing digital content and software solutions for primary, secondary and vocational education since 2008. Our products are used by individual students, schools, universities, educational publishers and government organisations worldwide.

MSM Studio is the creator and publisher of Balloon — a series of SCORM-compliant language courses covering English, German, Mandarin Chinese, and more. Our AI-aided language courses encompass all of the K-12 and feature games, animations and fun activities.

We are proud to have co-produced Bua na Cainte — the first, and by far the best, fully interactive Irish language programme published by our Dublin-based partner. Using innovative resources, our award-winning course delivers an exciting and original approach to teaching Irish and is used in most primary schools in the Republic of Ireland.

In addition, MSM Studio delivers custom application software (mobile, web, desktop), tailor-made e-learning content, solutions for virtual/augmented reality, artwork and animations. The high quality of our services is widely recognised by our partners in Scandinavia, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Benelux, and, last but not least, in Poland where we are based.

More information on Business Update can be found here

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