Teaching solar power to TVET students: hints & tips  

To support the energy transition, a growing number of teachers want to address solar power production in the classroom. What topics to teach, what skills to develop, and how to equip labs?

The popularity of solar power drives up the demand for skilled workers able to install, service, and troubleshoot photovoltaic systems. Preparing skilled workers – renewable energy technicians, electricians, electrical technicians, or engineers – requires a practical training approach.

Electrotechnology teachers often reach out to us for guidance when they look for solar power training packages and learning materials. We collected the common questions – Read our hints and tips in three short articles.

Solar power curriculum: Main topics to cover

What topics convey an understanding of the general principles of generating electricity from sunlight and the design and components of solar energy systems? Get inspired by our lists.

Solar panels in the classroom: Safety considerations

Practical training with solar panels carries risks – what should concern teachers the most and how to ensure students’ safety? Learn more about the two risks and how to mitigate them.

Solar panels for hands-on experimentation: Technical considerations

A solar panel should be an integral part of the lab. How big should it be? Do you need a test bench? What about a panel emulator? And what’s an emulator, actually? We share our insights.  

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