The Gratnells Learnometer, a new digital device that measures classroom environments.

Developed in partnership with Professor Stephen Heppell, the Gratnells Learnometer is a digital device that measures classroom environments and records, stores and displays data on an online dashboard.
The Learnometer constantly monitors CO2, temperature, light, sound, humidity, PM2.5 and TVOCs, providing an opportunity to enhance and maintain the learning space for improved learning and optimum achievement.
As well as collecting and displaying the data online, the physical device and its display are visible within the classroom offering the chance to engage students in STEM projects and encourage discussion about the factors being monitored and how to improve or manage them.
Professor Stephen Heppell’s research shows clear correlation between classroom conditions and student performance. He said “Our research, and others’, confirms that poor light levels, the wrong temperatures, inappropriate sound volumes and rhythms, humidity, air pollution, Co2, and air pressure can all impair learning. Our Learnometer research tool automatically samples your classroom environment, and makes suggestions through a unique algorithm as to what might be changed to allow students to learn and perform at their best.”

The Gratnells Learnometer is available to buy now.

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Article submitted by:

Amy Collins

Marketing Excecutive, STEM Ambassador

Gratnells Ltd

United Kingdom