The Workstation System Learning Unit – Cutting-edge and Practice-oriented Training

The Christiani Learning Unit offers trainees from various professions a highly flexible workplace. Trainees can carry out practical work, exercises and experiments on the different work surfaces. The work surfaces can be folded in and out to provide a workplace for up to 8 trainees. When not in use, the Learning Unit can be stored in a space-saving way with a footprint of only 1 m².

The Learning Unit

  • Square body on lockable double roller (or as standing model)
  • Work surfaces made of galvanised sheet steel with different whole patterns or laminated wood
  • Interior cabinet system with drawers and shelves for the storage of working materials
  • Power supply for power and media supply


  • Space-saving – storage on only 1 m²
  • Flexible – up to 5 m² work surface
  • Cost-saving – workplace, storing location and power supply all in one
  • Modular – configuration can be made according to your needs
  • Versatile – for training in electrical engineering, metal technology HVAC, renewable energy or even in combination

Learn more about the Learning Unit and how you can use it profitably for vocational training in your company!

About Christiani

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