VCOM hired Ken D. Lee as the “Optoelectronic Technology Project” international experts

On April 13, Ken D. Lee, the South Korean optoelectronic technology expert from the World Skills Organization, visited VCOM Education. Wang Yanfeng, CEO of VCOM Education, and others attended the exchange meeting.

During the meeting, Ken D. Lee highly praised VCOM’s achievements in the optoelectronic technology project of the World Skills Competition and also looked for more optoelectronic technology cooperation chances about information sharing, technical communication, and related product information between China and South Korea. Both sides, China and South Korea will cooperate in the field of “Optoelectronic technology projects” to contribute to the applicable education of these two countries.
CEO Wang Yanfeng pointed out that the optoelectronic technology skill friendship competition held by Chinese and Korean colleges and universities is a perfect opportunity for the cooperation and exchange of photoelectric technology between China and South Korea. In the future, the competition can promote businesses and attract students majoring in optoelectronic technology from more countries to participate. At the same time, digital certificates can be awarded to students and teachers studying optoelectronic technology in vocational and technical colleges in various countries through the global training centre.

Ken D. Lee introduced his work experience and content to VCOM, including the optoelectronic teaching and training equipment used by Korean colleges and universities, the match contents and requirements of the provisional optoelectronic skills competition in South Korea, etc. He said that he is committed to promoting optoelectronic technology development in South Korea and hopes that in future, South Korea will have subdivided optoelectronic technology disciplines, as well as the official optoelectronic technology skills competition held by South Korea.

This meeting will provide new vitality to the future development of vocational education in China and South Korea. In future cooperation, these two parties will jointly discuss the application of optoelectronic technology education. They are committed to applying it to education and teaching to provide students with a richer and more diversified educational experience. At the same time, they will strengthen cooperation, jointly explore the development prospects of optoelectronic technology, and make more significant contributions to the collaboration and development of education in China and South Korea.

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About VCOM

Vcom is a vocational education integration solution service provider and the first global partner of World Skills International from China. They have been serviced in the telecommunication industry for 25 years and have cooperated with hundreds of schools all over China.

By 25 years of development, Vcom provides a comprehensive portfolio of generic cabling products and education equipment to various markets, including education, medical care, residence, data centre, Infrastructure, etc.

With a comprehensive vocational education system, VCOM has trained around 1000 participants from China and overseas. It also has co-founded five national training bases and built over 50 training classrooms of information network cabling in China. Moreover, international training bases were set up in the Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Russia, and Zambia.

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