Welcome new Affiliate from China!

Worlddidac Association is proud to welcome CEEIA as a new Affiliate of Worlddidac!

Founded in 1986, China Educational Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) is a national and industrial non-profit social organization formed by volu

ntary personnel from corporations and institutions that engage in the production, operation, management, and research within the educational equipment industry.

The association, with the motto of “servicing education, servicing industry, and servicing membership”, functions as bridge between industrial management department and membership, as guidance for industrial management, and as guard who looks after the legal right, interest and public affairs of its membership. The association abides by the constitution, laws, regulations, and national policies, stands by the moral code in society, and consciously strengthens the development of integrity and self-discipline.

The association is under the guidance and inspection of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Central State Organ Work Committee, and management departments from relevant industries. CEEIA comprises of the Secretariat, Branch of School Sports Equipment, Branch of Higher Education Equipment, Branch of School Logistics Equipment Management, Branch of School Library Equipment, Branch of Early Childhood Educational Equipment, Branch of Creative Education, Educational Equipment Research Institute, China Educational Technology Equipment Magazine, China Educational Equipment Website and other bodies. The Secretariat consists of the Comprehensive Management Department, Financial Department, Convention & Exhibition Department, Membership Service Department, Theory Research Department, Technical Standardization Department, International Communication Department and others.

CEEIA is a long-standing partner of Worlddidac and organiser of Chinese Pavilion at Worlddidac exhibition in Bern.