Welcome new Affiliate from Russia!

Worlddidac is pleased to present MARPUT  as a new Affiliate from Russia.

The International Association of Developers and Producers of Educational Equipment (MARPUT) was formed in 1992. It was created with the aim to find successful solutions of the following tasks: creation and production of educational equipment, expansion of the opportunities in scientific and technical production and social development, efficient use of raw materials, financial and other resources, division of labor, specialization and cooperation, coordination of activities of its participants, protection of members rights, representation of common interests in the national and international organizations.

More than 30 enterprises and the organizations of Russia and the CIS countries of various forms of ownership developing and producing educational equipment are a part of the MARPUT Association. Products of these enterprises have been used for the equipment of schools colleges, higher educational institutions of many regions of Russia and CIS countries. Laboratories, devices and stands for carrying out educatonal studies, multimedia complexes, various educational equipment for offices of the general secondary education (physics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages, technology, informatics), program and pedagogical methods, technical training tools, specialized furniture and equipment for gyms – this is not the full list of the products which are produced by the  the MARPUT members. The Association is open for cooperation in various fields of activities. If also offers consulting services in the field of the educational equipment, new information technologies as well as expertise of scientific educational products and instruments.