Worlddidac Team News

The year of 2020 will remain in our minds as “the year of pandemic” and about the different challenges we had to face in getting accustomed to a “new normal”. Such exceptional circumstances were also for us at the Worlddidac Association an opportunity to re-think our vision, mission, and value proposition toward our members and above all, to education which we all are interested in supporting personally and professionally.

Diversification of our activities, provision of information services about education projects and opportunities all over the world, partnership and matchmaking among our members and outside partners represent only some perspectives that we have generated in order to underline our position as a professional association in education worldwide. Our Future Talk Conference on “future of education” in the form of a hybrid conference has been an excellent success for all education relevant professionals and our members to get together, brainstorming ideas on how to move forward in providing the education we all need, facing social innovation, sustainability, and technological trends.

To ensure longstanding support of our association, we have also been reshuffling our structure to support you, our valued members, in the best possible way. Managing the economic viability of our association we have opted for a reduction of costs and a shift of resources, keeping a balance in our activities and personnel in Switzerland as well as in our regional office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This will further help us in serving our members worldwide. 

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the Worlddidac team for their dedication leading up to, and throughout these challenging times. My gratitude goes to the Worlddidac Council members and the leadership provided during those days.

A new year is starting, we at Worlddidac are ready to serve and be, where education comes together.

Educationally yours,

Danny Gauch, Director General