WorldSkills 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany

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After the cancellation of WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 due to COVID restrictions, WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition was launched. Thousands of young professionals and experts had prepared themselves intensively for the WorldSkills Competition and were eager to present their performance. In 15 countries, competitions were held – and are currently still being held – in 62 skills. The world championship of skills takes place from September to November 2022. More than 1,000 young participants from 57 WorldSkills member countries are participating.

In Germany, the young participants competed for medals in 9 skills. From October 4 to 7, 2022 in Stuttgart, they showed their talent in three skills: Mechatronics, Industry 4.0, and Water Technology. 75 competitors from 25 countries, supported and supervised by 45 experts, started in teams or as individuals.

At the same time, Motek, the international trade fair for production and assembly automation, opened its doors at the trade fair center in Stuttgart. The joint appearance of vocational training and education and industry was representative of the fight against a central problem in the industry: the current shortage of skilled workers. The training of young experts in particular helps to reduce it. This is a center piece of the Festo and WorldSkills organization activities.

The great advantage of visiting the WorldSkills event was obvious: networking. Whether it was associations or visitors from other continents, whether it was journalists from trade publishers or representatives from industry, whether it was HR managers or schoolchildren with their parents – they were all interested in vocational training and education. And they met exactly the right specialists of Festo and WorldSkills Germany, the host of the event, for an expert exchange.

Festo as a Global Industry Partner

Festo has been a “Global Industry Partner” of WorldSkills since 1991. Global Industry Partners play a key role in the cooperation between industry, education, government, and policy makers. Their common goal is to improve the education and recognition of skilled professionals around the world. For these three competitions, Festo is the official competition equipment supplier.

Skill 04 Mechatronics

In this skill, the young professionals demonstrated their skills in setting up and commissioning an automated production system on the Modular Production System (MPS). The mobile robot Robotino was used for the logistics tasks.

Skill 48 Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a new skill in the competition. Here, IT security data was transferred into a cloud for the upgrade of an existing production system. MES, augmented reality, and energy measurement played a major role here. The Cyber-Physical Lab Industry 4.0 was used as the hardware.

Skill 55 Water Technology

The objective was the design a wastewater treatment plant. The participants solved tasks at the wastewater transport station of the EDS Water Management System and at the large water pump. They also used digital planning software and worked on chemistry tasks from the laboratory.

Closing Ceremony

The winners

The medal awarding was very emotional. In Mechatronics, Japan won gold, silver went to Chinese Taipei and bronze to Korea, Switzerland, and India. In Industry 4.0, Switzerland passed everyone, followed by Germany and Great Britain. In Water Technology, Singapore won gold, India silver and Japan bronze. Not only gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded, but there were also medals for the excellent performance of the competitors and sponsor medals.

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