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Learning through competitions makes it possible to get young people excited about technical topics. Since 1991 Festo is a Global Partner and has provided state-of-the-art learning systems for WorldSkills Competitions around the world ever since. 30 years ago, the partnership at the WorldSkills Competition in Amsterdam has started.

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At that time, Festo was asked to design and equip a new competition discipline: Mechatronics, combining mechanics, electronics, and information technology in global manufacturing and production technology.

Since then, Festo has been equipping WorldSkills for Mechatronics with its Modular Production System MPS, which is continually updated with new innovations and components, but now Festo is also active in other skills.

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In 2019, the skill Industry 4.0 was introduced. Festo Didactic has configurated its Cyber-Physical Learning System, the CP Lab. A learning system used to teach a wide variety of technologies in Industry 4.0. This enables the trainees to keep pace with technological progress.

Water is a scarce commodity in many regions of the world. That is why Festo Didactic has supported the creation of the skill Water Technology. In this skill trainees simulate the processes of a water and wastewater treatment plant, using the modular Water Management Learning System EDS® (Environmental Discovery System).

Festo looks forward to many more years of WorldSkills!

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